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  • Business Shirts $1.80
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  • T-Shirts long $1.20
  • Folded Assortment $14 per Hour
  • Dresses $2.20
  • Ladies Shirts $1.80
Pam's ironing articles !

Ironing may be a simple activity but the truth is that many people dislike the exercise. spending time getting rid of wrinkles from yourThe Best Way to iron Clothes shirts, pants and other related stuff is definitely not one of the best pass times but the one that is necessary, whether we like it or not. You obviously cannot afford to go to the office with a shirt full of wrinkles as some chaps may think that you just came straight from the night club to the office. You obviously will lose confidence you will imagine that everyone looking at you is actually starring at your un-ironed shirt or trouser. You can actually avoid this by understanding the best way to iron clothes, on your own.the ironing lady

Let us start with the iron box. Even if you use the services of an ironing service provider, you may at one time need to handle some ironing on your own in the house. You need to purchase a good iron box; good here has nothing to do with the price with the quality. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive steam iron box but the basic will do the trick. Remember, an iron box is just but a tool you have to use, the rest entirely depend on how well you decide to use the very tool. Also, I don’t have to mention that you need an ironing board. With these two at hand, you are ready to go.

The best way to iron clothes is to follow the laundry and ironing specifications that are usually attached to most clothes. These are usually signs that you have to learn how to interpret them, especially the required temperatures. If you are required to use 75 degrees, adjust the settings on your iron box to meet the specified temperature. Setting it low may not remove the creases and having it higher than the stipulated will only result in a burn.

Understand the type of fabric you are ironing is an essential factor you need to understand. The way you iron cotton clothes varies from the way you may iron silk or polyester or a mix of fabrics. You have to be careful enough if you want to get the best results and conserve the quality of the fabrics for years after you have ironed them.

The last and most important factor to consider is the texture of the clothes. Get to know what the texture is and always iron along the grain as going against it will only result in more creases on the clothes you are trying to fix. If you want to retain the quality of your fabric for long, this is the best way to iron clothes

Ironing Secrets that Will Save You A lot of Money Ironing Secrets that Will Save You A lot of Money in Geelong.

Nothing is as heart-warming and enticing on a Monday morning than the fresh set of well ironed clothes in the wardrobe. It makes the Monday blues take a walk for the moment as you are swallowed in the euphoria of another fresh week in Geelong

I discovered pam quiet by accident , but are super happy with my discovery, saves me heaps of time each week and offers great value.
I used to do my own ironing but wanted to get a bit more time for myself pam Is conveniently located so it's easy for me to pick up.
Pam has ironed my uniforms for many years and provided a very reliable service.
If you need a professional Ironing job then Please Call 0433443531